Post-Construction Treatment

This is a treatment specifically designed to avoid termites, especially the subterranean type, from attacking and damaging houses and buildings. Subterranean termites are very common in many countries, and most people also utilize liquid termiticides and baits.

Another famous post-construction treatment that a lot of people do regularly in their office buildings and houses is fumigation. With this type of treatment, people have to leave the premises where fumigation will be done because this action involves spreading toxic fumigants. Days may be needed to allow the place to be free from harsh smell of toxic fumigants.

What happens if a certain part of a house, such as a bedroom or basement has some wood damage because of termites? The best and easiest termite treatment is to repair it by replacing the damaged wood. This is also cheaper and more comfortable to do, especially if there is just little damage or if it’s just a certain corner of the house that needs to be dealt with.

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