Termite inspections and treatments in Brisbane

Termites are one of the most destructive types of insects in the insecta class in Brisbane. This is due to the fact that they are often referred to as the “hushed destroyers”, as these insects are more than capable to be shunned away from the eyes of humans and secretly destroys homes and buildings alike. You might be wondering why are there termites in your Brisbane  home and buildings when you try your best to keep everything clean and spray insecticides? These selections of insects are easily attracted to and will consume cellulose-based plant materials, and regrettably, most homes are built with these materials.

We at aaa-inspect specialize in termite inspections and can make sure you KNOW where the termites are and what to do about it. It’s very important that you have a yearly termite inspection Brisbane check done so you can attack the problem sooner rather than later. And if we happen to find any termites, don’t hesitate to get in touch with decent termite treatment company like Termite Byte Brisbane to get rid of the pests

In a study that’s been conducted from years about termites in order to provide an accurate termite treatment, they are considered to be detritus feeders or appropriately termed as detritivores. These are the specific types of insects or animals which feed on dead trees and plants, and even with the dead parts that’s still attached to living trees, such as, wood and the wood that’s in the soil. The mouth of a termite has the capacity to tear down the wood materials, piece by piece and with great ease too. Even if these insects seem small and helpless at first sight, they can feed on your home (in Bracken Ridge for example) and the damages are expensive.

termite inspection

Subterranean Termites

There are three major groupings of these insects, and these are known to be subterranean, dampwood and drywood. The best method of choosing an efficient termite treatment is through determining its classification.

To be able to eliminate the subterranean class, the distinctive factors that you are going to notice from it are that the workers are cream colored and does not have wings and in length are about ¼ inch. The swarmers or alates are dark-brown colored with two pair of wings. While the soldiers are creamy white in color, does not have wings, has large mandibles, and the head are in brownish colored tone.

The damages on the wood is noticeable since the aftermath is usually with accumulation of soil or mud, this is because these termites build their nests below the ground, and if it is above the ground there’s a substantial moisture condition that could support their nest. They live in underground colonies and then are building tunnels when searching for their food. Usually, their nests are old and have been well-established for quite some time already. These termites prefer to feed on soft wood or layered wood.

How To Eradicate Them from Your Home

The lists of termite treatment is long, however, you need to start with eliminating home moisture issues.

  • Be sure that water pipes, a/c units and faucets are not leaking. Keep all of the downspouts and gutters clean, and seal off the entry points that are situated around water pipes and other water utilities.
  • Removing the food sources can help immensely, such as, getting rid of debris and stumps near your home.
  • Checking any type of damages on deck and wooden fences and keeping lumber, paper and firewood away from all of possible crawling spaces and the house’s foundation.